first enrollment                 31st December 2024

late enrollment (*)            extension to 31st March 2025

(*) The Italian students who have not graduated by December 31st 2024 can enroll by March 31st 2025,

provided that:

- the Bachelor's Degree is obtained by the same date;

- the student earns at least 12 CFU/ECTS in the 1st semester of the ARCHER course with "contract enrollment"

The international students who have not enrolled by December 31st 2024 can enroll by March 31st 2025

provided that:

- the student earns at least 10 CFU/ECTS in the 1st semester of the ARCHER course with "contract enrollment"


Registration requirements

  • possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Sciences (class L-17) or equivalent
  • possession of a level of knowledge of the English language equal to B2 of the CEFR or higher
  • a minimum level of knowledge of the Italian language
  • having passed the mandatory admission tests for enrollment in a degree course in Architecture (only for Italian citizens)

If you are an extra-UE citizen, you should send as soon as possible the following documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • CV
  • Passport
  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture
  • Transcripts of courses and exams
  • CEFR minimum level B2 English certification
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher expressly addressed to ARCHER course (subject to verification)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Portfolio, no longer than 20 pages, with clear reference to design activities that concerned built heritage and landscape

Please note that you will probably contact for an interview before getting a pre-admission letter.

Then you should submit your application together with the pre-admission letter by the 15th of June  2024 on the Universitaly portal: